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Did you mention ?   
11:58pm 29/07/2006
  So i haven't written in this thing in a long long long time. Mostly due to a lak of interest along with an intense amount of other writing getting done all summer.  
12:10pm 27/02/2006
  Live journal eh ?
Today is Brandon the california boys birthday.And our English class was cancelled. This means he needs to come to the librarya and visit me. like whoa.
But anyways. Today is going to be get all your homework done for the week day.
11:01pm 14/01/2006
vacation has been amazing. and its about to get even better. Going out tonite with my best friend.
hollar at the soup when you see her on the streets.

Love love LOVE,
Sometimes you see right through me.   
03:09pm 03/01/2006
mood: Psychedelic
So this break has been awesome thus far, except for some minor dilemmas. But hey, what are you going to do.
My friend Justin and I have been WORKING on a pod-cast this last week. It's titled Baby Eskimo Kisses, and it pretty much rules the world.
We talk about things going on in our lives and the world around us, along with playing some of our favorite music at the same time.
One of the most awesome aspects of this pod-cast thought is our intro and outro, that has been made by the band Amublance Parking, which is one of justins bands. They're experimetal, and deal with alot of field recording and all the good stuff. SO that has been fun. We hope to have everything up and running in a few days/weeks if possible. It's amazing how pod-casts have taken over recently. and have served as a way for peoople to individualize their own radioshow, but technically its not a radioshow, because its Via the Internet.

So anyways, i will def have a link up here soon so you can check them out. But for now I can simply remind you of the name and e-mail
Drive all night   
10:05am 16/12/2005
mood: i dunno man
So i am pretty much absolutely terrified at the moment. I'm about to take an exam that i may indeed fail. This class has been a joke from the very beginning, amd i'm mad at myself for ever takeing it. Ashley and I have been doing bad the enrite semester in this class, and i believe the rest of the students in our class have also been doing crappy. All i can hope for is luck, and a good grade on My 8 Page paper in The Aids Epidemic, that i handed in last week for the class. Holy Crapppp I'm really going out on a limb this morning.

Today should be ok though. No class for an entire month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heck yes .
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10:31am 09/12/2005
mood: awake
So today is the day i something outrageous.
Im getting my face pierced. right above my Mouth and below my nose. Some may refer to this piercing as the "Marilyn"
BUT i'm going to freak out for atleast 2 hours before it actually happens. Holy Crap. am i making a MIstake ?
NO way .
Cramer, Justin and Angela and myself are all going to FREE friday at the albrite KNoxx this even also. I haven't been there in forever. SO this friday is going to be one for the record books !!!!!!!!!
Welcome home   
10:36am 01/12/2005
mood: sick
So yesterday i went to sit and spin, after deciding that i need to own every appleseed cast album ever created.
Holy crap why haven't i been listening to this band more lately ? they are simply incredible.
This afternoon cramer and I are breaking into Lancaster high school to visit my old enlgish teacher, and Angela. Hollar/
Tonite we're also going to a show. The AUDITION is playing and i'm pumped. I seem to enjoy watching bands that are relatively new, but still totally rockin. Although today is supposed to rule. I feel like complete crap. I'm serious.
My throat feels like it's going to fall out.
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SOUTHERN rock. i love it ... i'm serious....   
11:04am 28/11/2005
mood: ecstatic
So yesterday marked the last sunday afternoon spent at the radio station above spot coffee on delaware. Damn. Justin why did you have to quit ?
Oh well though. I'm sure we'll find a better place to hang out. and much cooler.
The Semester is almost over and i am excited about a much so needed break from driving here everyday.
I'm also really excited about having leisure time to enjoy and catch up on some literature i've been slacking on my reading. for real.
Last night i was in a really strange mood and decided to take a bath at midnight. Then i decided to go and read "A light in August" for an hour.
So i pretty much had little time to sleep last night. I really do love reading American Literature though.It makes me so happy. I've been writing also. In order to be able to write in a coherant and interestign way i must be reading all the time. its a necessity.

This weekend ruled also. I love it when my friends yell rude things out the window of a 2005 trail blazer. it cracks me up !!!!!!!!!!!
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gobble gobble gobble   
04:48pm 24/11/2005
mood: awesome
So it's thanksgiving and i'm about to go to my grammy's for turkey and awesome cheesecake !!
This holiday season is going to be one of the best one's ever. I'm super excited.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY yall !!!! <3 <3 <3

Love love LOVE ,
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oh oh oh   
10:44am 04/11/2005
mood: chipper
hey hey. So today is going to rule !!!!!
And last night I had a dream, that someone told me my Livejournal was cute.
how awesome. I'm being productive today. SOOOOO proud !
Late weird nights. I'm telling you .   
10:40am 01/11/2005
mood: tired
holy crap yesterday was rediculous.
I wanted to stay home and relax, and what happens ?
I end up talking to a whole crap load of people that can only tell me how horrible their life is.
The Moral ofmy story. (Don't do drugs)

Today is looking alright though/. except for the rain. yuck i can't go outside between classes.
happy fucking halloween   
10:35am 31/10/2005
mood: oh oh oh .....
SO I went to the radio station again sunday afternoon. Which has become my favorite place to hang. it's on delaware above the spot coffee so we get wireless internet whoop whoop
This weekend was cool, except for smelly people. No i'm serious. I went to a show last night and was disappointed. totally and utterly disappointed. but it's alright i guess I bought a poetry book that has short stories in the back. Yes you heard it right SHORT STORIES!!!! I am such a huge fan of all short stories its rediculous. I guess i've read so many of them, and written one.. i really want to write more though, when i have winter break i hope to read and write more of things i'm truly inspired by.
A paper got pushed back two days this morning AWESOME. yeah yeah

Albums on my christmas list

The fall of troy

Wait there's more ...................................
10:19am 19/10/2005
Stepping in and out.   
10:24am 17/10/2005
  So I went to see AS CITIES BURN last night. Okay, i'll admit it. This show was probably the best i've seen all year. I mean Justin and I Listened to it the entire summer, and parts of the fall. But I realized last night that I really hate going to shows in Buffalo. I dunno why. Maybe because the venues are disgusting and scummy, or maybe it's because I always end up running into people that i don't necessarily want to talk to. But either way it sucks. But anyways. Right now i'm sitting in the commuters lounge at school. Whoa A.K.a The most grungy place ever !! My semester is almost over though. And from what it seems I'm doing well. I'm excited about next semester though. My schedule is going to rule. Another thing that is going to rule is this afternoon when i get to hang out with my friend Rooney. We're going to get some lunch on Elmwood and hang for a bit. We sympathize with eachother because we both have to be here until 4 today for our exploring legal careers class. rediculous. But it's also only a 1 credit class, and I have perfect attendence. So its an easy A.  
college ugh   
04:18pm 06/10/2005
mood: stressed
wow. so i haven't updated on eons. that's ok though. I'm really stressed out about the classes i'm taking. I'm not sure what it is, but it will def take some getting used to. My advisor set me up for 16 credit hours this semester, and i'm overloaded with work. Plus working at the restaurant, which is taking its toll on me as well. But oh well, i just need to learn from the mistakes i've been making thus far, and make everything more productive !!!!!! ahhhhh STRESSSSSSSSSSS
The social life. what social life ?
The militia group is not only a RECORD label, but also a mafia   
12:37am 05/09/2005
mood: awesome
you're part of the human race. yes you.
So over the past 48 hours i've been coming up with these rediculous hypotheses. its funny how entertaining i can be when i want to,. well atleast most of my closest friends think so because they know how goofy the shit i say realy is .
I read alot today. I've been reading all week. its amazing how many short story's i've read this week. Most of them are about 25 to 32 pages long though. Roald Dahl is the author of the week so to say. His short stories rule. My best friends jimmy doesnt seem to think so though. Whenever i give him a synopsis of the story's he pretty much hates every single one of them. but to each is own
I'm going to see a movie tomarrow. its about kenya, a lawyer and love . What else could you want in a movie.
Someone should go with me though. I'm sure the scenery will be gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!
lights out punching your. lights out   
10:58pm 30/08/2005
mood: psychedelic
So school is pretty ridiculous. in a good way. Everything is going well so far. Right now i'm about to go to sleep and wake up early again tomarrow morning. That's the only downside to class i guess, the fact that i have a few early ones. Anyways. There has been rain in the forecast all day . the grass is going to grow like mad, and eveything is going to be flooded.
This evening i decided not to go to the LOVEDRUG, Days Away, Goodwill, show at the icon simply because it was raining out, and i'm tired. That show probably was ridiculous also. This week is going well though. Better than i expected. I just finished reading a chapter in my international affairs book for school . Its soo funny how as soon as my government classes start, you are immediately swayed by the professors, Not Bluntly, but i can always tell by the way they approach talking about current events. haha I'm just going to keep my mouth shut though, i def don't want to get into any political arguements . I witnessed one in class today and the kid had no chance . haa
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see what you got, not alot alot alllooott   
11:29am 28/08/2005
mood: impressed
so tomarrow is college.
atleast today will be some fun.
01:09am 25/08/2005
mood: content
So this evening was my fist official drum lesson. Feeling good and looking forward to practicing moree more moreee.
I hope i can progress with this. pretty damn scared about school on monday. Im not too good with changes.
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shine it in the twilight, shine it in the tall grass   
01:15am 21/08/2005
mood: apprehensive
i never thought i'd find friends like the one's i've made . These nights are forever carefree and full of youth.

besides what could be a better ending to the most horrible night of work i've ever come across. I really cannot even come close to being able to stomach the way people can be rude and inconsiderate, especially when you're out in a restaurant and trying to have a civilized meal. But what are you going to do . So put put it in plain english, a customer threw a credit card at me and swore, because i told them i wasn't able to take the 2 dollars they were charged for Asiago cheese on their dinner salad. It's rude, but there's nothing i can do about it other than be offended and keep my dignity for not going down to that level of uncivilized behavior.
But on a lighter note i'm seriously thinking about taking up drums. Everytime i listen to music that's the first thing i notice, so why not. A few of my close friends play, and i'm sure i could convince them to teach me a thing or two about the subject matter. that's about it tonite though, i've got a few things planned for tomarrow and i don't want to waste time sleeping. because at the end of the day all that is left is time for recollection of the day that has just passed you by.