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The militia group is not only a RECORD label, but also a mafia

you're part of the human race. yes you.
So over the past 48 hours i've been coming up with these rediculous hypotheses. its funny how entertaining i can be when i want to,. well atleast most of my closest friends think so because they know how goofy the shit i say realy is .
I read alot today. I've been reading all week. its amazing how many short story's i've read this week. Most of them are about 25 to 32 pages long though. Roald Dahl is the author of the week so to say. His short stories rule. My best friends jimmy doesnt seem to think so though. Whenever i give him a synopsis of the story's he pretty much hates every single one of them. but to each is own
I'm going to see a movie tomarrow. its about kenya, a lawyer and love . What else could you want in a movie.
Someone should go with me though. I'm sure the scenery will be gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!
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