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lights out punching your. lights out

So school is pretty ridiculous. in a good way. Everything is going well so far. Right now i'm about to go to sleep and wake up early again tomarrow morning. That's the only downside to class i guess, the fact that i have a few early ones. Anyways. There has been rain in the forecast all day . the grass is going to grow like mad, and eveything is going to be flooded.
This evening i decided not to go to the LOVEDRUG, Days Away, Goodwill, show at the icon simply because it was raining out, and i'm tired. That show probably was ridiculous also. This week is going well though. Better than i expected. I just finished reading a chapter in my international affairs book for school . Its soo funny how as soon as my government classes start, you are immediately swayed by the professors, Not Bluntly, but i can always tell by the way they approach talking about current events. haha I'm just going to keep my mouth shut though, i def don't want to get into any political arguements . I witnessed one in class today and the kid had no chance . haa
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