Lisa (draws_your_eyes) wrote,

Stepping in and out.

So I went to see AS CITIES BURN last night. Okay, i'll admit it. This show was probably the best i've seen all year. I mean Justin and I Listened to it the entire summer, and parts of the fall. But I realized last night that I really hate going to shows in Buffalo. I dunno why. Maybe because the venues are disgusting and scummy, or maybe it's because I always end up running into people that i don't necessarily want to talk to. But either way it sucks. But anyways. Right now i'm sitting in the commuters lounge at school. Whoa A.K.a The most grungy place ever !! My semester is almost over though. And from what it seems I'm doing well. I'm excited about next semester though. My schedule is going to rule. Another thing that is going to rule is this afternoon when i get to hang out with my friend Rooney. We're going to get some lunch on Elmwood and hang for a bit. We sympathize with eachother because we both have to be here until 4 today for our exploring legal careers class. rediculous. But it's also only a 1 credit class, and I have perfect attendence. So its an easy A.
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