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SOUTHERN rock. i love it ... i'm serious....

So yesterday marked the last sunday afternoon spent at the radio station above spot coffee on delaware. Damn. Justin why did you have to quit ?
Oh well though. I'm sure we'll find a better place to hang out. and much cooler.
The Semester is almost over and i am excited about a much so needed break from driving here everyday.
I'm also really excited about having leisure time to enjoy and catch up on some literature i've been slacking on my reading. for real.
Last night i was in a really strange mood and decided to take a bath at midnight. Then i decided to go and read "A light in August" for an hour.
So i pretty much had little time to sleep last night. I really do love reading American Literature though.It makes me so happy. I've been writing also. In order to be able to write in a coherant and interestign way i must be reading all the time. its a necessity.

This weekend ruled also. I love it when my friends yell rude things out the window of a 2005 trail blazer. it cracks me up !!!!!!!!!!!
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